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Are you ready to go beyond the codes?

Enjoy a new type of performance where the public wanders and interacts with comedians.
Try a real experience!

Discover some new universes...

It's real, no virtual reality
It's live, you can change the story at some points
It's authentic, a memorable and unique experience

We create intense emotions since 2008

It's usually funny and full of surprises
It's sometimes mysterious
And it's really different

About the compagnie

L'Enfant Bleue (Blue Child) is a french theater company created in Paris in 2008 (ten years!) and has moved recently near the city of Lyon. Regulars at the International Theater Festival Off in Avignon, it produces in Paris (at Point Virgule and Grand Point Virgule) and throughout France.

The company brings together several actors including Delphine Herrmann (See her bio here) actress, singer, writer and director. She wrote Nat-Ure and play Durga in it. She starring in several shorts. Hubert Benhamdine (See his bio here) actor, writer and director. He has been playing in many TV Shows, movies and shorts. He is as comfortable in the classical as contemporary repertoire. It also include a stage manager in charge of special effects.

The company has won several prizes. The "Avignon Off Festival prize" for its very first play and the "best scenario" award at the Mobil film Festival. Very specialized in entertainment the company has developed many others activities among its plays : escape-rooms, "into your home" theater, team building stories and museum specific theatrical tour...

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Romeo & Juliet
the Forbidden Version

What if Shakespeare had lied to us… Verone around 1500… The city is ravaged by the pitiless fight between Lords Montaigue and Capulet, two bloodthirsty tyrants who torture as easily as you would itch your elbow.
But it's their offspring who quickly become the talk of the town… Juliette Capulet, a rather offset young woman with pitiful parents, dreams of true love and clearer skies. And destiny, always ready to play a trick, brings her to meet Romeo Montaigue, a vain and 'hairy' being, the son of Dad's archenemy.

From this love, which looks like a bad joke, will emerge all kinds of catastrophes, misunderstandings, and unexpected twists! Immediate boarding for the most famous and incredible love story in the world, revisited in a light-hearted and crazy manner as a jubilant game of massacre!

One full year in Paris at "Le Point-Virgule" and "Le Grand Point Virgule", 2 times at the "Avignon international Theater Off Festival" with a lot of amazing press releases !

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Norman, a cosmonaut sent by Earth, passes out and crashes on a strange planet, due to damaged equipment. Deprived of his technology, he is completely helpless when confronting the surrounding nature, which is both powerful and magical. The planet seems alive and reacts to his every move.

Then, he meets beautiful Durga, the incredible guardian of the area, who speaks a strange language and whose moods change as quickly as the weather there. Observed by the rebellious and bright eye of this amusing priestess, Norman will make some incredible discoveries…

A marvelous initiatory tale which brings together various forms : theater, video, puppets, song, dance and special effects.

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Tell me about love

What to do when you're sad because you've lost your loved one… in a former lifetime?
That is the subtle question which spirited Laura, a dreamer, rebel and free-thinker, must answer. She feels something is missing, without being able to identify the cause, making her love life resemble a chaos of fear, escapes and sublime renunciations. Laura's loves will remain complicated until she restores contact with her lost soul partner, who is also trying to communicate with her in every natural and supernatural way possible.

By the Waterside is a funny, poetic and interactive tale. Laura and her Guardian Angel take us to the heart of a delightful odyssey, between fairytale and clown theater.

It's a story of sentimental education, which deals with a subject that concerns us all, but that no one can control – we each do our best to find the keys!

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Our last production
"The Experience"

"The Experience" is a time and a place, where spectators wander through and enter a story and can influence the flow through their choices and actions. During the representation they become characters of the story and interact with it!

Inspired by elements from treasure hunts, interactive and ambulatory theatre, immersive theatre and the escape games that we have been creating for almost 10 years, "The Experience" uses the best of each type of animation to create a unique moment where the spectators-actors are totally immersed in a natural setting and participate in the show.

Spectators are sometimes left to their own devices, moments during which they have to solve puzzles to advance the story. "The Experience" is a totally innovative and attractive theatrical approach and it's an ideal artistic form to give life to a place (indoor: an industrial wasteland, an old shop, a castle ... as in outdoor) or to your chosen theme (the history of the city, of a well-known character).

It is therefore adaptable.

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